Some residents of Benin City have besiege the Edo Medical Stores at Medical Stores Road, Benin City, where information states that the covid-19 pallatives were stored in the warehouse.

As early as 8am, Saturday, people started milling around the premises obviously to break in and collect their own share of the pallatives.

It was gathered that some of them started putting Calls to others through phone to come to “where it was about to happen”

Within minutes, the place was packed full with people who were trying to force their way in despite the presence of a combined team of Soldiers and Anti Riot Policemen.

Not minding shooting into the air by the security agents, they finally had their way into the place and started looting whatever was on sight.

Items carted away incuded; bags of grains suspected to be rice, cartons of Noodles, oxygen motorized knapsacks, cooking and oxygen gas cylinders, air conditioners, refrigerators and other items they could lay their hands on.

Medical Stores Road, New Lagos Road and adjoining street witnessed huge human traffic as the looters had field day.

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