There was confusion in Benin City as a Bride-to-be absconded from the sight of her proposed husband and family two days to their marriage.

Preparations were already at top gear when the incident occurred.

PRIMACY NEWS gathered that the Benin City home of the Groom-to-be, a Europe based businessman, was filled with family members, friends, well-wishers as well as business associates in readiness for much awaited marriage ceremony.

Perishable and nonperishable items, gifts and assorted drinks were already in place for celebration which was slated for Saturday 25th June 2022 at the Marriage Registry.

According to sources, trouble started, Thursday 23rd June 2022, when the Groom-to-be, who was having merriment with some of his friends, placed several calls through to her obviously to ensure that preparations were in order in her own side and the calls were not going through.

Worried by the development, the young man whispered to some of his friends(two of them), and they entered his car and drove straight to the house of the Bride-to-be in Uselu axis, where they met her mother and a few siblings.

Upon enquiry on her whereabouts, the suppose Mother-in-law told the Groom-to-be that his Bride-to-be had return to Lagos where she resides, hence, the marriage has been cancelled.

Explaining further, the suppose Mother-in-law disclosed that her daughter said she doesn’t understand the young man who is too autocratic and that she needed time to think about it.

The suppose Mother-in-law, who said none of them could get in touch with her daughter because she switched off her handset, however, tried to pacify the Groom-to-be that the marriage will come up in six months time.

She then told the young man to come and remove the cow which he bought for the marriage and was tied to a tree in the suppose in-laws compound, else they will untie same and let it stray away.

The young man looked at his suppose Mother-in-law, turned to his friends, winked for few seconds and left a slow but loud “shiiiit” then made his way towards his car disappointed.


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